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Cant STOP overeating? Are you addicted to sugar? Did you know that weight loss can be simple? Did you know that creating healthy eating habits isn’t that hard? It’s true! With these products for slimming you can

What if weight loss didn’t have to be hard! What if you were able to stop constantly thinking about food, sugar and your weight? What if that number on the scale was just a number and it had no sway over how you felt about yourself as a human being. What if you could enjoy the feeling of a permanent ideal weight just for you—the weight that would leave you energized, focused, healthy and feeling AMAZING in your summertime swimsuits!

Here’s the truth–“by small and simple things are great things brought to pass; and small means in many instances doth confound the wise”  You want to know the simplest way to lose weight? Stop eating more than your body can use?

And here is the rest of an effective weight loss plan: Create a protocol that you are willing to commit to indefinitely.

Learn to trust yourself. Doing what you say you will do even when it’s hard, is the most powerful skill that you can develop. Doing what you say you will do even if you don’t want to, is the greatest part of self-confidence.

Self-confidence is having a firm trust in yourself and your abilities. It’s your ability to trust yourself, knowing you can experience any emotion (including failure) without being harmed. Self-confidence is your overall opinion of yourself.

Who knew that losing weight had so much to do with self-confidence? And that weight loss was so simple? That’s it. You can now close this book. You have been given the only two tips you need to successfully lose weight and keep it off permanently.

  1. Eat less than your body can consume (don’t eat more than your body needs).
  2. Make a plan and stick to it. It’s as simple as that!

We think we want simple, but then our brains convince us that “it can’t be that simple. There has to be more. It has to be harder.”

What if it wasn’t harder?

What if learning to trust yourself in any circumstance is all that there is to losing weight? What if learning to have firm trust in ourselves is all there is to enjoyment in life and our weight really has nothing to do with everything else we want.

Maybe you think if you lose weight then you can feel happy and satisfied, comfortable and self-assured. What if that was a lie that kept you feeling inadequate and hesitant to live life to the fullest?

Think about it. Knowing these tools is simple. Applying the tools takes consistent effort. If you want help applying the tools, that is my superpower. I will help you!

You join a fitness club, hoping to lose weight. You want to look good, but hesitate to go to those gyms because everyone around you ALREADY looks great. You feel embarrassed and inadequate. You wonder if you will ever have “their bodies.”

Losing weight by exercise is possible, but eventually you realize that the kind of weight you want to lose will require much more than some yoga and kickboxing. It’s the mental weight that pulls you down more than the physical weight.

After weeks of yoga and kickboxing, you find out that exercise alone, doesn’t yield high weight loss results. Rather, exercise usually increases weight as you build muscle. Thus, you actually look bigger than when you started exercising.

You just want to feel healthy, strong, toned and energized. You don’t want to have to worry about weight ever again, but are determined to do this one more time–hoping it’s the last time. You are determined to make this last effort stick forever.

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